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Critters in Arkansas

I've been blessed to have the opportunity to be out in nature a lot. Whether it's working at Lake Greeson, the Diamond Mine, or on our beautiful property here at Morning View Retreat, I'm always suprised by something new and different.

The little guy above was watching me while munching down on his lunch of a cracker and it was too cute, so I had to snap a shot.

The Blue Jay is another one of my favorite critters to see. Did you know that you can see these guys in Arkansas year round. I love how their blue just pops out. Not to mention that you always see them busy with little acorns in their mouth, something I just recently found out is that they are a major contributor to reforestation here in Arkansas. Go Blue Jays! They are definitely something to keep your eye out for when visiting good ol'Arkansas.

I would be doing you all a great injustice if I left out the tiny and unique hummingbirds. These guys can be seen fluttering all around Morning View Retreat, thanks to our hummingbird feeders.

While you'll see these guys mainly in the summer because of their migration patterns, there are a few species of hummingbirds that are now staying in the winter as well. This is great because we never get tired of watching these guys and our customers don't either!

And last (of this series ) but certainly not least is the many deer we have visit us here at Morning View Retreat. We have one little lady visit us so often that we've given her the name Rosie. There'll definitely be an in depth story on her in the future.

I feel so blessed to live in Southwest Arkansas amongst all of God's creatures. My husband and I loved the land here so much that we built cabins as a retirement investment just so we can share with others from around the globe all of the wonders beautiful Murfreesboro Arkansas has to offer.

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