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Kid friendly holiday

Did you know that we have kids of our own, and even grandkids!

This means that we know how important it is for the whole family to have fun. Happy kids equal happy parents so know that when you come to Morning View Retreat, you and your kids will get to spend some quality time that won't be forgotten, and you'll all have a lot of fun in the process!

Hotels in Murfreesboro Arkansas don't have covered verandas!

1. Horshoes- Touch down with your rustic side with a good ol' game of horshoes. If you've forgotten how to play not to worry. Just click here for a reminder

Play horshoes at Morning View Retreat | Family-Friendly

2. Bean Bag Toss - If horshoes isn't your bag (Hee hee), well we have bean bag toss as well. This game is addictive! Ahh, it's the simple things in life. Fraid' you won't know how to play, well here you go.

3. Campfire - Want to just relax and to have fun doing it? There's nothing more fun than roasting weiners and marshmallows on a open campfire and looking at the stars. One word kids, SMORES!

4. Fishing Anyone?- We love the outdoors and what's the outdoors with without a a wateringhole. There is a pond with cabin front view just for you and the kids to hang out at.

5. Nature Exploring - Here at Morning View Retreat some of our kids best memories are just playing outside and feeling the freedom that nature has to offer . That's why it was important to us to keep the land natural, not too many bells and whistles but just God given beauty to explore, and with over 40 acres of land there is plenty to see,we think you'll agree.

6, Diamond Digging- If you and the family decide to head on over to the crater of diamonds, then we'll take some of the load off your mind by providing you with some much needed tools. Each cabin comes equipped with a bucket, shovels, and a screen that you can take and use on your stay. This saves you money in the long run, because instead of renting equipment, it's on us.

7. HDTV in every room- That's right folks, there'll be no arguing over the remote tonight.

8. Board Games - Family classic board games, fun for everybody. Board games with vary from cabin to cabin.

9. DVD Collection -A collection of DVDs for the whole family to choose from!

10. Picnic tables and large outdoor porches - Plenty of space to enjoy nature while eating, plus who wants to worry about the mess!

And we just have to throw this in at the end, hide and seek! Fun option, definitely when in a new and foreign place. You guys have fun and look forwatd to seeing you real soon.


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