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Stop and smell the flowers

Our newest staff member Izzy, likes to take time out of her busy day to smell the flowers and there's nothing that says "SPRING is here!" like blossoming flowers.

They're great because not only do the provide something beautiful to look at but also they attract our little hummingbird friends and butterflies.

If gardening isn't your thing, well you're welcome to take a gander at the flowers around Morning View, nothing so sweet as a lovely scented rose.

I was getting ready to plant these, but just looking at them all in this wheelbarrow, I'd say they'd make a great centerpiece just the way they are

This is on the deck of Beulah Land Cabin our Rustic Cabin with Country Charm. You'll see plenty of ferns around as well, as they are one of my favorite plants!

The idea of growing flowers may seem intimidating but we guarantee ya, that once you plant a few seeds and watch them grow, you'll be as hooked as we are here at Morning View Retreat

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