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Where The Trout Are, Its Beautiful

Trout fishing in Arkansas near Crater of Diaomonds

Trout fishing on the Little Missouri River In Murfreesboro Arkansas is one of the true beauties of this area. Not only do you get to be outdoors and enjoy such beautiful scenery but you also get to enjoy the sport of catching trout, whether it be sitting on the bank and pulling them in or out standing in the river and fly fishing.

In my own experience I would have to say trout fishing is my favorite way to fish. They put up a fight and often it is a challenge to keep them on the hook. I would not want to forget to add that they are tasty and the best to eat in my opinion.

Always check with your Arkansas Game and Fish Commission for rules and regulations, cost of fishing license and trout stamp for residents and nonresidents at Hope to see you at the river.

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