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Smoking Hot

5 Things about campfires

There are always lots of memories to be made around campfires when vacationing. So we are going to list 5 things about campfires.

1. Smore's-Get some Graham crackers, marshmallows and Hershey chocolate bars, roast your marshmallows, sandwich the roasted marshmallow between your graham cracker and chocolate bar and you have a yummy treat.

2.Hot Dogs- Hot dogs are the all american food. You buy hot dogs at the movie's, ball games etc. so why not roast one on an open campfire. The taste cannot be beat.

3.Warming up-On a cold night sitting around a campfire will really warm you . This is one way to enjoy the outdoors when it is cold outside.

4.Sharing Stories- There has been many good stories shared around campfires. A time to listen without any interruptions of a busy life and observe the stars.

5.Making Memories-Sometimes when we get away from our TV's, telephones,and computers and just spend quality time together some of the best memories are made.

Safety always comes first so always use caution with campfires but have fun.

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