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Nature at it's finest!

If you love nature, deer, birds, rabbits, geese, etc. you are almost always guaranteed to see some at Morning View Retreat Cabins here on our 40 acre property.

Our pond is a big attraction for a lot of our wildlife, you will often see deer drinking from the pond and running around playing. We often have geese and mallard ducks stop in to rest and play in the pond. We start out early spring with rabbits everywhere and our guest love to sit on the porches and watch them. We have humming bird feeders on every cabin and when the humming birds arrive they keep us busy filling their feeders. The little humming birds are the most fascinating of all the birds,

although I personally love the cardinals.

We have guest that name our wildlife. We have Rosie the deer, Spider man the rabbit, and pictured is Bambi and baby taken right here on our property. Come and visit and bring your camera. Go to our Morning View Retreat Facebook page and enjoy all the wildlife videos.

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